Positive Climate for Learning 

                                                                                                            Week 11



Parents, Guardians and families,

It has been wonderful to welcome our students back into the classrooms this term.   Our students have shown great resilience and courage getting accustomed to new routines (to ensure our environment meets all COVID-19 protocols) outlined by the Department.

I have enjoyed getting back into the classrooms to see students engage in teaching and learning.  As you know long breaks and transitions can be particularly hard for our students.  To support structure and routine the PCL team have been working with teaching teams on refining positive support strategies that support routines and structure.

Champion’s Corner:



Congratulations to Tong and Dat who have been using the SSDS Primary Yard space to enjoy playing and taking turns during a chase game.  Tong and Dat have show great respect for one another.


SSDS would like to welcome Ellie.

It has defiantly been a very strange time to start in a new workplace but I am so grateful to have been placed in such a supportive and understanding team. In my role I will be working alongside Jo Kelly and our cultural workers; Nhung and Nuri to provide support for our families though events, initiatives and forums. I look forward to meeting you throughout the remainder of 2020.

Have a wonderful school holiday period and I hope you can all come back refreshed and ready for Term 3.


Community Partnerships

Colgate has also provided our school with dental kits which includes a toothbrush and sample toothpaste for every student in the school.  This went home to families in Week 10.  The spare kits will be used for teaching and learning health related programs.

Smooth FM Nomination

Recently, a parent Marianne (Keira’s Mum) nominated Nicole Edwardes in a radio competition to thank leaders through COVID.  She was contacted by Ty Frost an announcer on Smooth FM on Monday for a short interview and was notified that she had won a live streamed concert as well as a Coles Hamper. The award was for positive work done through the Learning at Home/Working from Home period and the transition back to school.  Nicole, felt extremely humbled for the nomination and feels this has been a team effort and the nomination reflects the work, dedication, commitment and positivity of everyone in our school community, so Thank-You!

Dates for the Diary

13th July Staff and students resume

12th August Curriculum Day


Just a reminder that it is important for the school to know your child/ren’s attendance at school.  During this current pandemic we understand some parents will choose to keep their children at home and other students will remain at home due to medical reasons.  Either way can you please advise us asap if you intend to keep your child/ren at home due to Covid and/or for medical reasons?


If your child/ren are about to turn 16, they may be eligible for the Disability pension. Contact Dee from the Positive Climate for Learning Team and she can advise you on the application process. Phone Dee on: 0414 265 484.




   Jo Kelly

Positive Climate for Learning Leader