Newsletter 4 – Week 4 – 5th August 2021

Primary & Secondary Learning Centre

Holly Oakenful & Esme Jorgensen – Learning Leaders

Welcome back post another COVID-19 lockdown. While this is not an ideal way to learn, the content that the students have been able to access through remote and flexible learning has been wonderful to see. So many different mediums were being accessed including, videos, differentiated learning tasks, and using items within the house to utilise the take home learning packs or other allocated activities.

There are further implications of COVID-19 restrictions that continue to impact our daily school operations, including Secondary swimming cancelled being for this week. We will continue to look for alternate dates and potentially alternate venues for this highly valued program to accommodate our Secondary students for swimming, and to support our hydrotherapy program. These dates will be communicated as soon as possible.

Within the classrooms, teachers have returned to teaching the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Personal & Social Capacity, supporting student learning towards their Individual Learning Plan goals. In Semester Two across Years F-10 in both the Learning Centres, the focus for Geography is learning about Biomes. This includes learning about different types of ecosystems within Australia, food chains and animal habitats. You may have been asked by your child’s teacher to provide some home resources such as boxes, to support your child’s learning in this area.

This term, the Year 11 and 12 students focus for Project Based Learning is Work Related Skills. Students will be provided the opportunity to engage with work related skills in the area of; recycling, horticulture, warehousing, food delivery or a mobile library cart. As we continue to work around COVID-19 restrictions, keeping work bubbles and the school community safe; teachers will endeavour to provide learning opportunities to build student capacity within the work environment. The focus remains around building social skills, safety and hazard identification whilst learning about what a workplace is.

It has been wonderful to see the students return to routines, their peers, teachers and engage in the new learning opportunities presented with Semester Two content.


                                                                                                                      Holly Oakenful                             Esme Jorgensen

                                                                                                                      Learning Leader                            Learning Leader

















Big Sam’s St Albans Market every Tuesday evening at 7pm


Where: Big Sams St Albans Market

When: Tuesday evenings at 7pm

Important Dates – Term 3

 Wednesday 11th August – Curriculum Day – Student Free Day

Monday 14th – Friday 22nd  – Science Week

Monday 23rd – 27th August – Book Week

Monday 13th – Friday 17th September – Phone Parent Teacher Interviews (SSG’s)

Friday 17th September – Last Day of Term – 1pm Dismissal

Monday 4th October – 1st Day Term 4