Week 7 Newsletter – 11th March

Primary Learning Centre

Holly Oakenful –Learning Leader

Jo Kelly – Learning Leader

 It was amazing to see so many parents and guardians engage in our SSG/Community Event last week. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to have visitors onsite again and have found that having the option of phone or video SSGs has enabled a larger number of parents and guardians to engage in this evening. SSGs provide a great opportunity for class teachers to discuss students individual learning goals with families for the year. If you have been unable to complete your SSG yet of if you ever want to meet or talk to your child’s teacher please don’t hesitate to write a note on Seesaw, in your child’s communication diary or phone the school. Regular communication between home and school, helps to ensure that there is ongoing collaboration and consistency for students.

It has been a busy week at school this week, with Monday being a public holiday and Tuesday a Curriculum Day. This week, is also the school’s Sports Days. The Secondary Sports Day was on Thursday while the Primary Sports Day is Friday from 11:30am – 12:45pm. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend and join in with the fun and excitement that the Primary Sports Day has to offer. We hope to see you there.

This term, a focus for classes is ‘creating the conditions’ for successful learning. This involves the staff and students working collaboratively to set up their rooms, define different learning zones, create classroom rules and expectations and create spaces where the students can actively engage in learning, considering their different learning styles, needs and interests. We are regularly in classes and thoroughly enjoy coaching staff and supporting students to engage in learning by actively using the different equipment and learning zones throughout classrooms and the school. Below are a few photos of classes we have recently been in where the students were engaged in learning. Learning at SSDS looks very different for each student. In the photos, you can see that one of the students is practicing her writing skills outside, while another student is using building blocks to practice sorting objects by colour. If you have questions about your child’s learning, please contact the classroom teacher via Seesaw.

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