Newsletter 7 – 3rd June 2021


Primary Learning Centre

Holly Oakenful –Learning Leader

 Last week it was fantastic to see the students participating in a range of Education Week experiences. The focus for Education Week this year was on ‘Building Connections’. The students engaged in experiences around the school and in their classroom. This included visiting a Games Room where there were a range of games available for the students to work collaboratively with their peers to play and complete. Students also had the opportunity to visit the Sensory Garden to complete a scavenger hunt. The Education Week Committee created Seesaw tasks to support students learning while at each experience. The students thoroughly enjoyed participating in these learning experiences.

This week, we find ourselves back in lockdown and the students engaging in learning at home. It has been incredible and a highlight of mine each day to get onto Seesaw and view the amazing work that students have been doing while at home. We know that learning at home, can be a challenge for some students so it is important to remember that learning at home can and does look different for each student. Learning at home can also include working on students developing their independence in their routines, helping with preparing their meals, following a schedule and supporting with packing away their toys. We hope to see you back onsite at school soon.


Holly Oakenful

Learning Leader






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