Newsletter 7 – Week 7 – 26th August 2021

Primary Learning Centre

Holly Oakenful –Learning Leader

 As we approach the end of Week 7, we find ourselves having to continue to implement our adapted teaching programs to support your child/ren to access remote learning from home. We can’t say it enough just how amazing all of you have been with supporting your child’s learning and maintaining their safety by being at home. We know this is not an easy journey but the ongoing feedback that we have been hearing and seeing from students and their families has been incredibly positive. Always remember that learning at home can and does look different for each and every one of the students who attend our school. Whether your child is completing their activities on Seesaw, completing activities at home using the printed Learning at Home Packs, engaging in cooking activities with you in the kitchen, or any other activities that engages your child in learning at home, remember that there is learning still happening. We understand that some days your child may want to engage in their learning, and some days they may not. That’s okay! Do what you can, when you can. Even something such as going for a walk or bike ride around the neighbourhood can still be a fantastic learning experience, especially when you can turn it into an object hunt, an I Spy game or even a great movement break to get in some exercise and physiotherapy!

This week all families are being contacted by teachers or Learning Leaders to check in and discuss how your child/ren is going with their learning at home. We have been able to make contact with most of you and hear about all about the ways in which you are supporting your child’s learning and the routines that you have established at home. It has also provided us with a great opportunity to discuss how we can provide further support as remote learning continues. If you haven’t heard from the school yet, please be patient as phone calls are still taking place. If you missed a call from us, please reach out on Seesaw to organise a suitable time for your child’s teacher to contact you or we will try to contact you again at an alternative time.

A reminder that as a school, we are required to be marking attendance each day. Please ensure you log onto Seesaw by 9:30am each morning and either like or comment on the morning message provided by teachers. This will be used to confirm you child’s attendance for the day. Make sure to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher on Seesaw. We are here to support and guide you.

If you are having difficulties accessing Seesaw, please contact the school on 9311 4804 or the school email, [email protected] and we will contact you. If there are specific learning activities that you would like, please let your child/ren’s teacher know.

 Curriculum Day

You will have noticed in our correspondence on 9th August 2021 that we have rescheduled our Curriculum Day for this term. Please note that the new date for our Curriculum Day is Friday 10th September 2021. We will provide you with further information about this Curriculum Day pending any further lockdown announcements.

Secondary Swimming

We had hoped that Secondary Swimming would be possible at the end of this term however due to lockdown and restrictions this has been postponed. Depending on DET advice regarding excursions and access to public swimming pools, we will endeavour to find new dates in Term 4 for our Secondary Learning Centre to participate in the swimming program.

School Photos

As a school we are working closely with the photography company to determine when we will be able to reschedule our school photos. This will be dependent on lockdowns and DET COVID-19 restrictions. We will provide you with further information about school photos when new dates are able to be booked.


King Regards


Holly Oakenful

Primary Learning Leader