Newsletter 8 – 10th June 2021

Secondary Learning Centre

Esme Jorgensen –Learning Leader


With the change back to ‘remote and flexible learning’ we understand the challenges that this places on our parent community, our staff, and primarily our students. We understand that these platforms don’t work for everyone, and hope that you were able to access the additional hard copy pack sent home via the bus service to engage in at home learning while in lock down. As a community, we have tried to make this relevant to your child. If you haven’t already, please send photos to your child’s teacher to upload, or when you return to school, send the work that they completed into school as a celebration of their achievements.

Please understand the teachers, allied health and education support staff are well versed in how to accommodate the student needs when they are connected to Seesaw. They have upskilled and you should see relevant content with worked examples (possibly videos or photos), interactive games, libraries, story books or the use of household materials to actively engage students in learning. Staff are constantly trying to consider your child’s different learning styles, needs and interests to best engage them with the online content.

While guidance indicates that movement and contact should be reduced for COVID-19 transmission, it is exciting to have the Year 11 & 12 on-site, especially with them having begun their Project Based Learning unit. The students have been able to link workplace situations with occupational health and safety (signage, hazards), design, assembly and costings with multiple curriculum areas to create lanyards, keychains and necklaces. These will be available for sale in the Little Shop of Sunshine at the end of term, pending COVID restrictions. Keep your eye out for the end of term parent communication regarding this.

 Esme Jorgensen

Secondary Learning Leader




Performing Arts

Performing Arts students have been exploring the new e-piano donated generously by Piano Project. They have enjoyed experimenting and mixing sounds tapping the keys and knobs on the e-piano. Not only has this been beneficial for their hand fine motor functions but also as an outlet for their emotions as they create music with their own hands. Some students enjoy the e-piano so much they do not want to finish!

Students have also been experiencing beat through a variety of activities. They have enjoyed many fun ways to feel the beat such as body percussion and creative movement, action songs, props, instruments and music. Favourite props during this term have been the parachute and the stretchy band.