Newsletter No.4 – 25th February 2021


Dear Parents, Guardians and families,

Thank you for your support and positivity as we experienced a short, sharp lockdown last week. It was rewarding to see that Victoria’s efforts paid off and we were able to welcome students and staff back on the Thursday! Our classroom teams transitioned seamlessly to Seesaw activities and it was wonderful to see so many students engaged in the online literacy and numeracy activities, thank you for supporting your children to connect with their learning in this short period of absence.
As a school, our partnership with parents, guardians and families is so important to ensure we meet the individual needs of all students and provide the best educational opportunities for them. We encourage regular communication with the school and the avenues for communication include; Seesaw, School Stream, email, phoning the school office, Xuno Family (For booking SSGs) and student diaries.

We have formal and structured opportunities throughout the year to meet with teachers in the form of our Community Event and Student Support Group meetings/Parent Teacher Interviews. We look forward to welcoming you at our Community Event on Wednesday 3rd March between 3pm and 8pm where we have an open evening for Student Support Group Meetings, a shared meal and an opportunity for you to meet our staff and teams.

Please ensure you book your SSG time using the Xuno Family application which opened for bookings on Friday.

We look forward to working closely with you throughout the year to support your child’s educational journey and ensuring access to an engaging, challenging and successful educational program.

Introducing Debbie Workman our Acting Assistant Principal

It is a great privilege to be a member of the Sunshine SDS community and I have enjoyed being introduced to the children and building relationships with them. I look forward to getting to know you as well over the coming weeks as we have a number of community events.

As an educator, leader and individual I love what I do every day and I am truly blessed that I get to work with amazing students and staff. I strongly believe that every child can learn and be the best they can be in all that they do. Students who are given opportunities to develop their own voice have the ability to make a difference and interact successfully with those around them. I foster a strong sense of respect and learning that meets individual differences and abilities.

As well as an educator I am also a mother and wife. I am married to Gary and am very lucky to have two beautiful children, Devan and Darci. We have a number of pets and have just recently added another addition to our family with a playmate for Ellie (our dog). We are really enjoying getting to know our new baby (puppy) Remi, he is a bundle of joy and offers a lack of sleep.

In the coming year I look forward to getting to know you and your children better.

 Capital Building Works

I have been part of a panel facilitated by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) and including regional representation to undertake the recruitment process for the Architect to oversee the planning and design of our Capital Building Works project. Maddison Architects have been successfully appointed to this role.

At this stage the schedule for the project is as follows;

2021 – Planning and Design

2022 – Construction

2023 – Term 1 – Building project must be complete

There will be opportunities through this year for collaboration and consultation with students, staff and families regarding the planning and design of the project and we very much look forward to this process to ensure the educational needs of our students are met through design and function.

Take care,

Nicole Edwardes





Brimbank Services for Children and Younge People with Disabilities

Brimbank Services for Children and Younge People with Disabilities have recently updated their support services.

The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) provides support for younger people (under 65) with disabilities.

Our support services include:

Recreational Program

We provide access to affordable recreational activities.

Young people and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities are welcome.

This is a community-based program which offers fun, friendly outings and a chance to meet other people. There’s a variety of activities, for example:

  • Bus outings
  • Movie nights
  • Bowling.

For more information, please call (03) 9249 4494 or email [email protected]

Personal Care and Respite

We can offer your family in-home personal care and respite through our Home and Community Care (HACC) program, if you have a child/young person with a disability.

For more information, please call (03) 9249 4494 or email [email protected]


If you need access to our HACC program, or have any questions, please contact the intake team on (03) 9249 4494. The team will assess whether you are eligible for these services.

Anyone can make a referral or inquire about services.  Access to services is based on your assessed need.


Our playgroups welcome all children and families, especially if your child has additional needs. These groups are a great way to meet other families, have fun, and make the most of important play opportunities. The learning-based activities encourage your child’s development and skills.

For more information about playgroups in your local area, please contact the Playgroup Development Officer on (03) 9249 4365.

Neighbourhood Houses and Libraries

Our Neighbourhood Houses provide some activities – check out our newsletters. Our libraries also run programs.

Also search Learning in Brimbank: our online guide to no charge and low cost classes, courses and programs offered at Brimbank Community Centres, Libraries and Community Centres.

For more information, please call (03) 9249 4000 or email [email protected]

Community Support

There are many great community service organisations offering support to families with a child with a disability:

  • Early Childhood Intervention Services support children with a disability or developmental delay from birth to school entry, and their families.
  • Respite North and West provide information about respite options, programs and support.
  • Association for Children with a Disability provides information, support and advocacy.
  • Parent to Parent Western coordinates and facilitates support groups of parents of children with a disability.
  • Extended Families Australia matches volunteers with children with a disability and their families to offer support and respite.


For more information call our team on (03) 9249 4494 or email [email protected]