Newsletter No 8 – 2nd September 2021 – Week 8

Secondary Learning Centre

Congratulations to you all for continuing to remain safe and flexible during yet another extended lockdown. By keeping your child at home, you are helping to protect many staff and other families from unnecessary exposure. We have had a rocky Term 3, trying to reschedule Secondary Swimming and cancellations to both Science Week and Book Week celebrations. While this is disappointing news, all schools have had similar experiences. We must continue to be safe, flexible and follow the government guidelines to support the suppression of COVID-19. We experienced similar lockdowns in Term 3, 2020 and hope that it will mean in Term 4 we will again be able to celebrate major events like Year 6 and Year 12 graduations as well as on-site Student Support Group meetings.

Learning at home is different. It can be challenging. Remember that the learning packs and Seesaw content is provided to support your child to access content they may not have had before. You may have family activities such as cooking, cleaning, exercising, sewing, drawing, playing, gardening, or baking that are equally good learning tasks. Be creative and embrace your child’s passions to teach counting, measuring, sequencing, writing or physical education. For many of our students, home hygiene (showering, bathing, hair or teeth brushing, washing hands) and basic routine following (first get dressed, then eat breakfast) are tasks enough to support their learning. Please do not underestimate the power of what you are doing.

Our teachers have provided many activities to assist your child to meet their ILP goals and make curriculum gains. We have had parent feedback about which activities their child most engages with and how they interacted with them. This information, both positive and negative, helps teachers to set meaningful activities and support your child to learn. Please get in touch with your child’s teacher if you would like more of a particular type of activity, or either harder or easier activities for them to complete.

Year 12 post school placements

Year 12 transitions are fast approaching. If you haven’t decided on your child’s post school option, please get in contact with Dee to help support your decision. She understands the facilities, the programs that they offer, and the campus that most aligns with your child’s needs.  In light of COVID19 lockdowns Dee is aware of the challenges this presents for families.

Secondary Swimming

At this stage, Term 4 is fully booked out at the venues we have contacted. Unfortunately, it appears that Secondary Swimming will be cancelled for the second year running. We are determining dates for hydrotherapy to go ahead, please be patient as we navigate these changes.

Student Support Group (SSG) Meetings

In Term 3, these meeting are by phone call. You will expect to hear from your child’s teacher to make a booking for Week 10. These sessions go for 25 minutes and are aligned to how your child is achieving their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goals. Teachers will aim to link assessment data with your child’s ILP or, Career Action Plan (CAP) for Years 11 and 12, and to celebrate your child’s successes. It is a time to ask questions, gain understanding and support the learning of your child for the remainder of the year.

Esme Jorgensen – Learning Leader