Return to School – Term 1 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,

How truly blessed and grateful I feel to be writing this letter with the knowledge that we will start the year together, working within our new COVID ‘normal’ protocols and look forward to a term spent re-connecting with our students, staff and families!

I hope you are all safe, happy and well and as a new year starts, we warmly welcome new and returning students, families and team members to the 2021 school year. We again thank you for the patience, support, understanding and flexibility you demonstrated throughout 2020, an extraordinary year on all levels. The uncertainty and change required was immense. Change can be difficult but is inevitable, how we manage change and ourselves through change is profoundly important and I thank you all for the spirit with which you approached the year that was. Thank you for your overwhelming support and positive feedback. We know it will be a year of new and exciting opportunities and adventures and we hope beyond all else it will be a year we get to spend together, and our community is healthy and safe.

Some important information to support the return to school for our students is outlined in the guidelines below, major changes include:

Parents drop off and pick-up times

We will no longer implement staggered drop off and pick-up times, parent drop off will be between 8:50am – 9:10am and pick up between 2:50pm and 3pm.

Parents will no longer park on the bus area but will resume parking in the yellow parking bays. (Pre-COVID procedure).

If you are here earlier or later than these designated pick-up times you will be required to wait outside the school gates for further instruction from staff.

Physical distancing and face masks

Adults must practice physical distancing of 1.5m between themselves and other adults. If 1.5m distancing cannot be maintained, a face mask must be worn.

Please have a face mask available to you at all times when on school premises.

Visitors to school premises

Visitors to school grounds must only enter the school via the front reception where they can sign in, comply with physical distancing, face mask recommendations and practice good hand hygiene. Visitors to Sunshine SDS will now be able to freely access the school reception area (whilst adhering to density signage). We can conduct meetings ensuring we implement COVD practices. The Leadership Team are currently reviewing parent and community engagement in schools’ events for Term 1.

Contact Tracing

If parents and visitors are onsite for longer than 15 minutes, they will be required to complete a contact tracing survey, using the school QR code displayed in the reception area.

Meal Considerations

Please send your child in with their own food, crockery, cutlery and equipment. This includes:

  • All food stored in packaging and containers that can be used to heat and eat from
  • Forks and spoons
  • Morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle – clearly labelled All food containers and cutlery will be sent home unwashed.There will be no shared food. This includes birthday cakes.

All food containers and cutlery will be sent home unwashed.

There will be no shared food. This includes birthday cakes.

Additional Return to School Guidelines

Management of an unwell student

If your child is unwell, they must remain at home, you should seek medical advice which may include a COVID test and your child should remain at home until they are well enough to return to school and all symptoms are gone.

 It is important that any student who becomes unwell while at school returns home and gets tested.

Students experiencing compatible symptoms with coronavirus (COVID-19), such as fever, cough or sore throat, should be isolated in an appropriate space with suitable supervision and students should be collected by a parent or as soon as possible. Parents/guardians are to ensure there is someone available to pick the child up within one hour.

If you or anyone in your household has cold or flu like symptoms (even mild) please follow health advice and keep your child at home.

Student Hygiene Practices

Please attend to your child’s thorough hand washing and sanitising practices prior to arriving at school or getting on the bus school as well as when at home.

School Bus

The DET bus service will run as usual with previous pick up/drop off times remaining the same unless your address or details have changed.

The bus arrival and departure process will be changed to ensure we are implementing physical distancing requirements between staff/parents, staff/staff.


There will be no swimming, excursions or incursions for Term 1, 2021.

 Actions: What do you need to do now?

Read all information contained in this letter and consider the changes or preparations you may need to make.

Ensure you have a labelled water bottle and appropriate packaging/containers and eating utensils (fork/spoon) for your child/ren’s drinks and food.

Please contact the school if you have any questions, concerns, by emailing the school at [email protected]

We are so excited about greeting your children on day one as we welcome back our Year 1 – 12 students on Friday 29th January and we meet our Foundation students for their first day of school on Monday 1st February!

Please take care.


Kind regards,

Nicole Edwardes