School Dental Visits


Dear Parents/Guardians.

Re: Dental visits to the school

 The school has been informed that Nick Baker, the visiting dentist, has retired. At this stage we are waiting feedback on the service delivery model from the Dental Health Service of Victoria early in the new year.

If you require dental review and/or services, please see contact the following providers:

  1. The Dental Hospital –   For emergency cases please ring 9341 1000 and state that your child has a disability.
  2. RCH – Dental Clinic can be contacted on 9345 5344
  3. Community dental clinics – IPC Health St Albans 9296 1360 and IPC Health Hobsons Bay 8368 3000. Currently these clinics are only for emergency dental appointments, with regular check-ups and appointments re-commencing next year. This is not a special-needs specific clinic but open to the public. Please contact them for referral details.
  4. Western Special Needs Dentistry – this is a private dental clinic that specialises in dentistry for children and adults with special needs. This clinic is in Keilor and appointments can be made by calling 1300 818 179.
  5. Private Specialist Paediatric dentists – there are 2 such dentists in the western region who offer general anaesthetic facilities for treating private patients and who are known to RCH Dentistry Clinic. If you are interested in this as an option, please contact me for more details.

Sunshine SDS will be in contact in Term 1 regarding dental health follow up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on 0413 977 036.


Kind regards,


Jo Buttigieg

School Nurse