Term 4 2020 –Changes to Semester 2 Student Reports & SSGs


Dear Parents, Guardians and Families,

This year continues to challenge us to adapt to new ways of working, communicating and connecting. As you can imagine the impact on students learning and engagement has been varied and individual. The Sunshine SDS school community has responded to these challenges by maintaining a relentless focus on providing each student the opportunity to engage in learning both whilst at home and upon returning to school.

Our priority throughout this entire year has remained your child/ren, to maintain and build relationships, learning and growth, respond to their individual learning and wellbeing needs and continue to strive for a safe and connected community, through the most challenging of times.

Upon the return to school, teachers have been committed to reestablishing routines and expectations to set your child/ren up for a successful end to 2020. This has included revisiting learning that took place in Term 3, to connect students to the learning at home and at school and establishing appropriate and individual assessments to accurately report on learning and growth.

This leads me to update you on the changes to Semester 2 student reports at Sunshine SDS.

At Sunshine SDS we know it is vital to involve students and their parents/guardians/families in learning. This includes providing a written report on student progress and achievement at least twice a year.

The Department of Education and Training has recently adjusted the expectations around student reporting for Semester 2 in recognition of the continued disruption caused by COVID-19.

Whilst we have continued to deliver a teaching and learning program and monitor the learning of each student, we have adjusted our usual program to reflect the recent period(s) of remote and flexible curriculum delivery.

We will therefore be providing you a more simplified written report for each student focusing on what progress has been made and what has been achieved by your child/ren.

Reports will include:

A description of the areas of the Victorian Curriculum taught including a comment on student participation and engagement in the learning program offered.

For English and Mathematics:

  • student achievement information
  • progress shown from the last time these curriculum areas were reported on

For all other curriculum areas taught (Specialists, Science and Personal and Social Capability)

  • a short comment on engagement, progress and achievement across the Semester


Photos of engagement and learning linked to the curriculum area

Recommendations for the future

Student Support Group (SSG) Update

Term 4 SSGs will be available to all families to discuss your child/ren’s ILP report. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, Department of Education and Training guidance and to maintain the health and safety of the Sunshine SDS community, we will be conducting these either via phone or video conferencing (WebEx).

We will also be coordinating the booking of our SSG meetings via the Xuno Family application.

 Please find attached the ‘Xuno Parent User Guide’ for booking your child/ren’s SSG next week.

Key Dates for SSG’s & ILP Reports

Tuesday 10th November – Xuno Parent Guide uploaded to School Stream.

Thursday 12th November – Parents will receive an email to activate their accounts and create a password.

Monday 16th November – Parent Teacher interviews will go live for all parents. Parents will receive a text message confirmation within 48hours including a link to complete a survey for further SSG information including opting for phone or WebEx (video) SSG.

Monday 23rd November – Cut-off date for booking Parent Teacher Interviews on Xuno.

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th November – Parents who opted for a video call via WebEx Meetings will have an invitational link with guide on accessing the Parent Teacher Interview.

Tuesday 8th Decemeber – ILP Reports to be sent home

Wednesday 9th December – Parent Teacher Interviews via phone or video


Once again, thank you for your continued support during the transition between remote and flexible learning and onsite learning, and we look forward to the day to be able to welcome you back onsite and reconnect in person.


Kind regards,

Tania Robertson

Assistant Principal