Week 1 Newsletter – 22nd April 2021

Principal Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Term 2, I hope you had a lovely Easter and time together across the break and are well and healthy. It has been wonderful to greet students, staff and families this week as we have all returned full of energy and enthusiasm for all the term has to bring. Visiting classrooms and being out at buses daily, it has been so heart-warming to see and hear the happiness of students returning to school and the level of engagement of students in their learning.

The colder weather is upon us sending rain, wind and the cold. Please send your child in with additional layers and a warm jacket/coat so they can venture out on colder days, as we know our students love their outside play times and benefit from movement breaks. A wet weather timetable will be implemented if it is raining during outdoor play times and students will have their breaks inside.

I hope you are available to engage in opportunities to come into the school this term and join us for parent forums, please keep an eye on our newsletters for information about upcoming forums and morning teas!

Important Dates

We hope your fridge magnet is a good reminder for upcoming dates provides most important dates for the school year and that this is up on your fridge. I will continue to note important dates in my newsletter.

Term 2

Monday 26th April – Primary Swimming week

Thursday 29th April – Transition Pathways Expo 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 1st June – School Photo’s (Secondary students)

Wednesday 2nd June – School Photo’s (Primary students)

Friday 11th June – Report writing Day (No school)

Monday 14th June – Public Holiday (No school)

Wednesday 23rd June – Parent Teacher Interviews (Student Support Group Meetings)

Friday 25th June – Last Day of Term – 1pm finish


Primary Swimming Week

On Monday 26th April Primary Swimming week will commence. I would like to thank Robyn Goulding, our PE teacher for her meticulous coordination of this experience and all staff and families for their support, I know it will be a huge success!

Post School Options Information Night

We look forward to welcoming families into school on Thursday 29th April from 6pm – 8:30pm to investigate post school options for your children. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the pathways available to your child beyond Sunshine SDS, gather information and knowledge about the variety of services providers and the NDIS will also be here to answer any of your questions. The evening will be held in the school hall and light refreshments will be provided. Please see the flier below.

 School Photos

We have confirmed school photo dates with Ken our school photographer, they are as follows;
Tuesday 1st June – Secondary students

Wednesday 2nd 2 June – Primary students

Further information will be communicated closer to these dates.

Virtual Tour

Ken our photographer spent a day over the school holidays filming the school facilities and will develop a 3-minute clip for our review in the first few weeks of school. We will then complete a voice over and this video will be part of our website for potential families or staff or visitors to view.

Coaching Model (Tutor Initiative)

After much planning, analysis and discussion the Coaching Model (Tutor Initiative) has begun.  We are very fortunate to have the financial and human resources to ensure a robust coaching approach that will ensure an impact for our students with a focus on Literacy.  This investment is over and above what DET has stipulated, is student focused and will build the capacity of classroom teams which will all be involved in the process.  This is not a short-term strategy for us but a longer-term commitment to ensure that all our students can become the best they can be.

School Improvements

We always take the opportunity over holiday periods to attend to major school maintenance and improvements. Thank you to John who has worked hard to not only finish jobs and keep the school looking fantastic for our return but also for his coordination of the many projects that were being completed by a variety of contractors. Some of the improvements you will notice are;

Tree trimming and removal 

Unfortunately, after inspection 3 of our gum tress had to be removed to ensure safety. It is always our preference to maintain trees where we can however the safety of students, staff and our community is paramount.

Concrete works 

We have had an asphalt area outside the new Primary portables replaced creating a level and accessible surface and ensuing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).  There will be some synthetic turf repair and replacement required in the coming weeks.

The curb and pathway between the parent car park and the pool fence has been fully replaced with the curb being changed into an accessible surface along the length of the area this has been a huge success, thank you for your positive feedback!


Electric gates have been installed both at the front and back of the school meaning all large gates are now electric, this will support safety and security.


Painting/Oiling has occurred to the following – yellow poles, secondary deck, decking, garden beds

It is important that we maintain a safe, stimulating and engaging learning and working environment for our community.

Building Works

I continue to attend regular meetings and consultation with Maddison Architects and the Victorian School’s Building Authority as we commence the planning discussions and processes for the building project. The scope of the work is exciting and enormous as the focus of the project is replacing portable classrooms with permanent buildings, this in total may include up to 14 classrooms (budget permitting). The possibility of new learning spaces designed to meet the needs of our student, teaching, learning needs is incredibly exciting.

I hope you all continue to take care and I look forward to seeing you in the school soon!

Kind regards,

Nicole Edwardes





Important Dates – Term 2

 Monday 26th April – Primary Swimming Week

Thursday 29th April – Transition Pathways Expo (6.30 – 8.30pm)

Tuesday 1st June – School Photo’s (Secondary students)

Wednesday 2nd June – School Photo’s (Primary students)

Friday 11th June – Report writing Day (No school)

Monday 14th June – Public Holiday (No school)

Wednesday 23rd June – Parent Teacher Interviews (Student Support Group Meetings)

Friday 25th June – Last Day of Term – 1pm finish