Week 9 Newsletter – 31st March 2022

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Learning structures and routines are well underway across the school with our community settled into its daily educational programs after the initial period of getting to know new people and changed schedules and classrooms.

Our Foundation students are now attending full time and it has been lovely to see their progress as they have become more familiar with staff and other students, and the routines and expectations of a school environment over the term.

The Annual General Meeting and the first meeting of School Council meeting for the 2022 school year was conducted on Tuesday 23rd March. It was a wonderful opportunity, despite the many challenges in 2021, to celebrate the time we were together and the achievements across the school.

It is hard to believe that we have almost completed our first full term together for what seems like such a long time! The final day of Term 1 is Friday the 8th of March, finishing at 1p.m.

Please ensure you make the necessary arrangements to pick up your child from school at 1pm or are home awaiting the buses earlier arrival.

The first day of Term 2 is Tuesday 26th April, Monday 25th representing the ANZAC Day Holiday.

Term 1 Important Dates

Wednesday 6th April – Individual Learning Plans sent home

Friday 8th April – Last day of Term 1 (1pm Finish)

Saturday 9th April – Monday 25th April – School Holidays


Term 2 Important Dates

Tuesday 26th April – Term 2 Starts

Thank you

I would like to sincerely thank you all for your ongoing support as we have managed unwell students and staff and positive COVID cases. The system shortage of staff has impacted greatly on all schools and your understanding has been appreciated. Your response to the surveillance testing requested by the Western Public health Unit this term, supported in us reducing the impact of CIVID transmission in the school which was an enormous relief.

Student Support Group Meetings (SSG)

Thank you to the many families who participated in SSG meetings either via phone, WebEx, or face to face. It was so positive to walk through the school and see families again, listen to phone conversations and see people on WebEx. The SSG partnership between schools and parents/guardians, working together to plan and develop the key educational goals for your child to progress in their learning academically, socially, and emotionally. The priority learning goals for your child will be documented within an Individual Learning Plan which will be sent home to families on Wednesday 6th April.

Child Safety

The Child Safety Officers are for our school, Tania Robertson (Assistant Principal) and Natasha Grgurovic (Mental Health Practitioner).

The role of the child safety officer is to protect students at Sunshine Special Developmental School from abuse and importantly inform staff of the school’s policies in relation to child safe and staff code of conduct.

Role Description:

  • To inform and make staff aware of policies in relation to child safe.
  • To ensure staff are aware that it is their duty to report any concerns regarding improper behaviour and to raise concerns about any person who may present a risk of child abuse, without fear of repercussions.
  • To provide all staff with a copy of the school’s code of conduct and make this publicly available in the school.
  • To ensure that all training and induction is delivered to staff so that that they understand that child safety is our collective responsibility and their responsibilities and obligations around child safety, including Mandatory Reporting
  • To be the key contact for staff to report all allegations or concerns around child abuse.
  • To provide support to staff in managing and reporting suspected child abuse and assisting other personnel involved in line with the school’s child protection policy.
  • To ensure that the documentation is recorded and responded to in line with DET and AVHS’s legal requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • To be the single point of contact for children, parents, and employees/volunteers to seek advice and support regarding the safety and wellbeing of children at Sunshine SDS.

 2022 Annual Implementation Plan

Our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) has been endorsed by both School Council and the Department of Education and Training (DET). It details our key goals for improvement for 2022 aligned to our four-year School Strategic Plan, and two new DET priority areas of Learning and Wellbeing. Our school improvement work, that includes professional development, training, and Professional Learning Community (PLC) inquiry cycles will be focused on progressing achievement of these goals.

The goals are:

  1. Learning – Improving Student Learning outcomes in Numeracy

Support both those who need extra support and those who have thrived to continue to extend their learning, especially in numeracy

  1. Wellbeing – Amplify opportunities for student voice and agency

Effectively mobilise available resources to support students’ wellbeing and mental health especially the most vulnerable.

 150th Anniversary of Public Education

This year marks the 150th anniversary of public education in Victoria – when Victoria made education free, secular and compulsory to all children aged 6-16 under the Education Act 1872. Around 600 schools opened across the state in the five years following the passing of the Education Act – setting Victoria up for its future as the Education State. The Victorian Government has launched the anniversary at Melbourne’s oldest continually operating government school, Essendon Primary School, which opened in 1850. The milestone will be marked with a range of activities across the year designed to commemorate the past, celebrate the present and imagine the future of education in Victoria. The Education Week will be focused on this celebration, and we will post relevant events on SchoolStream.

Action for Happiness Calendar – April

Wishing you a safe and happy break and looking forward to sharing Term 2 with you!

Nicole Edwardes


Important Dates – Term 1

 Thursday 7th April – Career Expo

Friday 8th April – Last Day Term 1pm Dismissal